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Medicare Advantage - (Medicare Part C) is the “Replacement” Program That Will Work

If the Obama Administration had simply bought an individual health insurance policy for every single ACA participant and paid 100% of the premium and literally gave it away to them, the federal government and “We the People” would have saved approximately 60 Billion Dollars in 2015. This Dog will not hunt! The ACA has so drastically changed the health insurance marketplace that the GOALS of this legislation ARE NEVER GOING TO BE REACHED.

If you care about affordable health insurance, please share this BCS Consultants website with your friends and download the documents below, review them and get in touch with your Congressional Representatives. You can also reference our Facebook Business Page for more facts, ideas and corroboration. After last year’s failures, nothing will happen in 2018. However, Congress and others are currently working on solutions. Right now, a majority of Democrats have signed onto an effort to establish a Single Payer Health Care System. This will lead to Government control of our health care. You know that just this year the British National Health Service legally caused the death of Alfie Evans and it was Charlie Guard last year. If you don’t want to be ordered by a U.S. national health service that you can NOT take your child to another country for life-saving medical treatments, we have to do something to STOP it. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are going to help us with real health insurance reform unless YOU urge them to make Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) – a serious solution! If you do not want the Federal Government to come between you and your doctor with socialized medicine in the USA, this is the RIGHT THING TO DO!

At BCS Consultants our goal is to face the facts. We provide comprehensive solutions to the problems for individuals, organizations, and businesses with structure, market share, fund-raising, and promotion. We solve problems and try very hard NOT to create any new problems in the process!


I am a Certified Health Consultant. I have 45 years’ experience in the healthcare business. I managed marketing operations for various BlueCross BlueShield Plans and almost single-handedly created the Anti-Trust and RICO problems that the BlueCross BlueShield Plans are facing Today.

My customers are some of the largest banks, manufacturers, and healthcare providers in the USA. When it comes to healthcare, I have seen it all. And, from my perspective, what the Congress and the insurance companies have done with ACA is criminal, and it is high time We the People call a spade a spade.

BCS Consultants has been providing consulting and policy development services for private clients, businesses, healthcare providers, political entities and religious institutions for over thirty years. Our business consulting services include marketing, public relations, political advocacy, and promotion. Our approach is thoughtful, thorough, sincere and effective. We identify problems and design and implement solutions. We have been the architects and administrators of successful campaigns for idea promotion, fundraising and social emancipation. I personally make commitments with dedication and produce remarkable results, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Do not wait until you have an Emergency. Call us Today!

As U.S. citizens, we have a health insurance EMERGENCY CRISIS right now. But you don’t see our politicians getting too excited about it. We have over 28 Million Americans living and working in our nation that do not have and cannot afford health insurance. Why aren’t we all more upset about that, as a society?

The answer is hospitals, and most medical providers are enjoying some of the best years they have ever had. Hospital bad debt write-offs are at an all-time low. Community hospital profit margins through-out the country are up. Merger and Acquisition activity in the medical provider community is heating up and may be approaching an all-time high. Thirteen healthcare M&A deals made headlines in 2017, with eighty-seven (87) Hospital mergers recorded through the third quarter of 2017, as opposed to 102 for the full year before. Eight (8) of these hospital deals involved over 8 Billion in annual revenues, twice as many as in 2016 (Reference). These are major health care providers that are strategically positioning themselves for greater future control of their markets, improving their operations and increasing their profitability.

The Council of Economic Advisors found in their March 2018 Report, “… health insurer profitability in the individual market has risen due to substantial premium increases, government premium tax credits that pay for the premium increases and the large government-funded Medicaid expansion. Since ACA implementation…, health insurance stocks outperformed the S&P 500 by 106%.” Some of the largest health insurance carriers expect earnings to increase by 8.7 to 19.6 percent in 2018. (Reference) A.M. Best is projecting that health insurance payers will have a positive year in 2018 as they continue to engage in profitable health plan markets. They will continue to be profitable in years to come; if they can successfully work around the political challenges, we put in their path.

We are now seeing major healthcare market innovation deals, including Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan forming an independent company to try and improve the nation’s health care system by putting the brakes on the spiraling cost of medical treatment. CVS recently purchased Aetna to gain the ability to better serve their 44.7 Million customers and manage their health care more efficiently. And, Humana and Walmart are looking to combine services to create a “One Stop Shop” where Humana can offer Medicare Advantage Plans and their Pharmaceutical Benefit Plans and Walmart can use its massive investment in primary health care clinics to serve both its employees and customers from all their strategic geographic locations.

This “Emergency” that OUR Congress faces is the high cost of inaction. There is no end in sight for the rising cost of health insurance that is also driving up the cost of health care and making it less and less likely that our most deserving citizens are ever going to take advantage of this innovation, creativity and financial health we now see in the healthcare sector. Congress is bankrupting the nation, and the cost of our healthcare and our government-sponsored health insurance programs, and their future liability are poised to become the major contributor to our insolvency.

This Emergency is making the taxpayers the real losers. Congress has not been able to agree on a way to Repeal or Replace Obamacare, and the Administration has never put forward a credible alternative. Out of the frustration, on both sides of the aisle, they almost recently passed an ACA bailout as a part of the last Omnibus (break the bank) budget deal. The ACA insurance companies are threatening to raise rates at an even greater pace if they don’t get what they want, more “market stabilization (money)” and our Congressional Representatives, nervous about the mid-terms and keeping their jobs, are ever so more willing to throw money at the ACA, rather than face the serious problems head-on. If it were not for the abortion issue, these funds would have been approved by Congress in the last budget deal.

Arthur in Front of the Emergency Room

I believe right now that Congress is probably working on ways to address the failures of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, their delay is bringing on, as the Modern Healthcare Magazine states in their April 2018 issue, “A patchwork of ACA changes that will result in a hodgepodge of insurance laws and outcomes across states.” They believe that as the Trump administration and some in Congress whittle away at the Affordable Care Act, Blue States are filling in gaps to bolster their markets. And, some Red States are taking up more sweeping solutions to try and get their health insurance markets back to the place they used to be before ACA wrecked them. (Reference)

The Commonwealth Fund is correctly sounding the alarm of growing concern about, “How (the) State and Federal Actions Will Affect Individual Health Insurance Coverage for Middle-Income Americans.” (Reference)

Although they believe the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has accomplished much of what it’s drafters intended due to some evidence of increased access to health care and some reduced medical debt; there is the growing concern that middle-income working-age consumers will Not be able to afford health insurance coverage in the future and the percentage of the national debt consumed by health care will cripple our nation’s ability to compete effectively in the world.

The ACA has increasingly become a program almost exclusively for Americans living close to the poverty line in urban areas and has failed miserably in making an appreciable reduction in the number of uninsured Americans. This was why we created the ACA. Instead of making health insurance more affordable, the ACA Law has legalized the institution of runaway health care inflation and health insurance cost escalation by establishing a financing system with minimum loss ratios (MLR), premium loading and risk-adjusted payment transfers designed to increase premium rates and government subsidies and stifle insurance carrier competition, innovation, creativity and cost containment.

Between 2013 and 2017 “marketplace” exchange premiums have increased by over 105%. HHS has created regulations and practices that restrict the free and fair trade of health insurance, causing competition among health insurers to collapse and promoting monopolistic markets where 52% of the jurisdictional counties in the U.S. with only 1 (one) approved health insurance carrier! This may not have been the intent of the ACA, but it has been the result!

We believe that HHS and the Congress have conspired to create a government-sponsored Cartel of health insurance carriers. These health insurance carriers are financed by the taxpayers, with little or no risk of loss. They are controlling the cost of health insurance for a deserving but painfully paltry few of our citizens (only 9 Million people). At the same time, the HHS regulations have permanently priced the 28 Million uninsured Americans out of the market. We are investigating the possibility of filing a formal complaint with FTC. Meanwhile, for those of us who are doing the right thing, paying for our health insurance, paying our taxes and paying for the lion’s share of the ACA program (with our hard-earned tax dollars), we are taken to the cleaners with the double whammy of higher health insurance premiums and higher health care costs. How can this be fair?

It is about time that we Repeal and Replace Obamacare with a Program that works. President Trump promised to come up with a plan that takes care of everybody. To accomplish this goal, Congress does not need to prop up failing insurance exchanges, subsidize the profits of large and successful health insurance carriers, re-invent new benefit plans or generate new taxes on the public. I am writing you to argue that, Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) is the right replacement for Obamacare. Congress created Medicaid, Medicare A, B, C and D, Tricare, the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program and most recently the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). All these insurance programs have enjoyed some measure of success, but the ACA has been the DOG among them. It was ill-conceived by health insurance industry, exaggerated by an over-jealous Administration, passed by a naive Congress and paid for by the hood-winked taxpayers.

Heritage Foundation - Healthcare Consulting

US Health& Human Services

United States Capitol

The first document for download below is titled “Legislative Appeal.” It was mailed to every member of Congress and the Trump Administration back in April 2017. It was meant to expose the Medicare Advantage idea and spark Congress to use Medicare Advantage to replace Obamacare. The second document, “The Best Bipartisan Answer to Repeal and Replace Obamacare” was hand-delivered to the Heritage Foundation, HHS, and Congress during the recess week of August 13th, 2017. At that time, BCS Consultants arranged the delivery of this Plan Document to most of the Senators in the Finance Committee and Health (HELP) Committee and the House Representatives in the Energy & Commerce, Ways & Means, Budget, Tuesday Group Committees and the Freedom Caucus, including the leadership of both bodies on both sides of the aisle. Based on the amount of feedback we received after the distribution, it is likely that both documents were ignored.

Undaunted in our quest, we still believe “THE BEST BIPARTISAN SOLUTION” as it was originally written, is a well-referenced expose of how we, as a nation, got into the ACA and why Medicare Advantage is the best way to get us out. Congress is still struggling to find a solution to the problem of affordable health insurance that is fair and equitable for everybody. Hillary Clinton was the First Lady to use the title Medicare C - Twenty-Five (25) years ago when her husband Bill was President. After that, she tried to pass a Medicare Buy-In Program. Hillary kept this idea alive for her entire career. The Democrats only abandoned the idea when they successfully passed the ACA.

Couple in Front of Lincoln Monument

Now that the ACA Program has failed, Democrats and Republicans should return to what Hillary Clinton and many others, including the Senators and Congressional Representatives (from both sides of the aisle) on the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (Simpson-Bowles) recommended and establish a robust public option - the Medicare Advantage Public Option and extend this Plan to everybody under the age of 65!

“The Best Bipartisan Answer” document, downloadable here, resurrects this Medicare Part C proposal, and the content of this BCS Consultants website attempts to explain why it is the RIGHT THING TO DO, how we can use the Medicare Advantage platform for doing it and why we can make Medicare Advantage (MA), a “Program that Works,” using the framework of the existing Medicare C Programs.

The documents for download below include, "The 115th Congress Mid Terms …", which covers the many reasons why promoting Medicare Advantage should help Red and Blue candidates get elected in the Mid Term elections. "The Final Medicare Advantage for All" doc summarizes the ten key benefits to adopting the program and "The True American" doc (a reference to Cassius Clay's famous KY Journal) is an Op-Ed succinctly making the case for Medicare Advantage.

Medicare C is the sole source of revenue, earnings and organic growth of the larger health insurance carriers. Analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the Gorman Health Group and the A.M. Best team believe that MA market is poised to grow throughout 2018.

PwC projected that MA enrollment will grow by 8 percent to a total of 21 million beneficiaries, almost three times larger than the ACA enrollment. The previous research from A.M. Best and the Kaiser Family Foundation also found that MA premium revenues grew from $69.9 billion in 2007 to $187.5 billion in 2016, indicating an upward trend in popularity among the people. (Reference) MA now covers over 35% of all Medicare beneficiaries, and of the 11,000 citizens aging into eligibility for the Medicare program each day, approximately 50% of them are choosing a Medicare Advantage program. They choose an MA because there are no pre-existing condition exclusions, they don't have to buy an additional supplemental insurance policy to get better coverage, they don't have to buy an additional drug insurance policy to pay for RX prescriptions and in most cases, the program is fully paid for by the federal government. The federal governement can afford to pay the full premium because the insurance companies handling the MA programs are doing it so well that they actually end up saving the federal government billions of dollars. They administer these programs for less money than it would cost the taxpayers to cover these people under the "fee for service" traditional Medicare program. This is a win/win proposition for all involved, unlike Obamacare where the taxpayers, the federal government, the insurance carriers and the participants all lose.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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