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Executive Summary


  • Medicare Advantage for All Americans and the ACA are OK together. Obamacare may peacefully co-exist with Medicare Advantage for All Americans. No need to repeal the ACA.
  • “Medicare Advantage for All Americans” (MAAA) will focus on covering the 28 Million uninsured and the ACA’s.
  • MAAA will cost less per person than the ACA. The federal government, the taxpayers and all the program participants will all save money.
  • The program will be insured, underwritten and administered by skilled health insurance experts with a proven track record for effectively delivering insurance programs “That Work” for the American people.
  • Medicare Advantage for All Americans will incorporate all of the Conservative Principles for Health Reform, being grounded in the free market with smaller government administration and no unnecessary insurance mandates and regulations.
  • The MAAA structure will be designed for and be naturally receptive to the federal governments ability to effectively contain, control and reduce health care costs and Rx nationwide.
  • MAAA will know No state boundaries. Multiple carriers will offer uniform programs in all states and municipalities and have a dedicated and coordinated focus on improving the physical and mental health and well-being of the American people, thereby increasing their productivity.
  • Medicare Advantage for All Americans will develop specific affordable health insurance products designed to cover the growing low-wage working population in America. These programs will effectively integrate the primary care offered by our national Community Health Centers Network and Rural Health providers with tertiary health care for this underserved population.
  • Medicare Advantage for All Americans will correspond to and coordinate with constructive Medicaid Modernization and Expansion programs and will make it possible for the United States to achieve near 100% insurability of All American citizens in a True American Way.
  • MAAA will allow maximum use of Health Savings Accounts and provide tax credits and premium subsidies to those Americans least able to afford health insurance due to their incomes.
  • Congress will fund MAAA in their across-the-board re-structuring of the Medicare Trust Funds. All arbitrary ACA taxes on certain businesses or certain taxpayers must be repealed, including the Cadillac taxes, investment income taxes, health insurance taxes, and medical device taxes, which only hit select businesses and American households. President Obama described ACA as a deliberate wealth transfer. MAAA is a deliberate Health Insurance Reform for all Americans.

“Medicare Advantage for All Americans” will show-case a public-private partnership that will deliver a True American Health Care system capable of achieving affordable access for every American citizen. We will demonstrate to all nations and to all the peoples of the world how best to maintain the health and well-being of all our citizens, by not repeating the missteps and mistakes that they may have made, but by building a health care system that will continue to be envied the world over.


Bernie Sander’s campaign pledge was to give everyone “Original Medicare.” This has been revived in 2018 with his introduction of S. 1804, which has 16 co-sponsors in the Senate. Even Hillary Clinton criticized Bernie’s proposal as an unrealistic plan, presumably because it offers a solution that goes beyond that which she believed was realistic in today’s political climate. Elizabeth Warren has urged all the Democratic Candidates to include health care in their campaigns nationwide. Early results in key Democratic Primary elections indicate that this is and will be a winning issue for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

Bernie’s solution for extending fee-for-service Medicare for All is also soundly criticized by Republicans as being too expensive. He unashamedly promotes Big Government and Republicans believe his Medicare for All proposal will cost the nation 32.3 Trillion Dollars over the first ten years and they are probably right. Since our national debt is now only 20.7 Trillion dollars, the idea of doubling that is NOT going to happen in a Republican controlling Congress and the White House.

Mary from Senator McConnell's DC Office

It is reasonable to assume that the recently released “Medicare Extra for All” program which was developed the Center for American Progress (CAP- a liberal Bastian of policy ideas) reflects what Hillary would have drafted as a feasible democratic plan. This CAP – Medicare Extra Plan “guarantees” the right of all Americans to enroll in a high-quality plan modeled after the Medicare program. This Plan is NOT a “Bi-Partisan Answer to Repeal and Replace Obamacare”, even though it has the same goals. The CAP Plan is what I denigrating call the “Medicare-ACA”. It extends all the bad characteristics of the Big Government, “father-knows-best” attitude and policy recommendations that have caused ACA to fail. It reads as though the Democrats have learned nothing from the ACA failure. For instance, it goes to the length of re-naming Medicare Advantage Plans and the Agency responsible for them, as though a name change will somehow change their character. It also proposes changes to employer-sponsored health insurance program eligibility, tax deductions, and employee choices. Employer-sponsored health plans cover more than 156 Million Americans very successfully. The ACA unsuccessfully covers just 9 million people. The employer-based market is one of the many things that are working “Right” and it does not need to be changed! Please look for a specific critique of this Plan, as a download from this website, but in the meantime, understand that this plan meddles in the free market, changes government agencies and functions and subjects the people to the same kind of misguided regulation that created the ACA mess as we know it! BCS Consultants believes, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, especially in this case, where the tail is wagging the dog!  

The Republicans are just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to creating solutions that cause more problems. Since most of our state Governors from both parties were instrumental in scuttling the Republican-sponsored Graham-Cassidy Bill, some somewhat short-sighted Republicans are designing a reform plan by “not” designing a plan. They are coming up with general guidelines for giving a substantial amount of money in Block Grants to the states and letting them figure it out. This idea is very popular with some Governors, especially with Florida State Governor Rick Scott, who has lobbied for this incubator approach in Washington DC. Unfortunately, this approach is just plain wrong on several levels. It abandons a national solution, preventing effective negotiation with health care providers for cost containment, eliminating the uniform ability to promote healthy lifestyles and preventing, if not precluding, the fair and equal treatment of the American taxpayers in the administration of federally funded program benefits. We the People are governed under one set of federal laws, and we deserve equal treatment under all federally funded programs. In short, there can be no Justice for federal taxpayers footing the bill with this kind of decentralized program.  

Another group of conservative Republicans has come up with a set of Principles for healthcare reform which BCS Consultants firmly endorses. This collaborative group will soon publish a guide to their "Conservative Principles for Health Insurance Reform" that we strongly believe should be used by lawmakers when crafting health insurance reforms. Among these principles: Expanding health savings accounts, winding down the ACA's Medicaid expansion and instituting Medicaid block grants. (Reference: See the list of principles.) BCS Consultants is in full support of their Principles. BCS is trying to convince these groups and the RNC that “Medicare Advantage for All” is the smaller-government alternative for which they seek. Since Republicans are so concerned about maintaining control of the House and the Senate in the midterm elections, now is the time for all Republican candidates to get behind “Medicare Advantage for All.” Otherwise, the Democrats will continue to control the health care issue, and Republicans will lose valuable votes to them in the midterm elections. If the Democrats change their focus to “Medicare Advantage for All” they would have a better shot at re-taking the house and the Senate. 

As mentioned above, Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage has broad bipartisan support in Congress. The current program appeals to both sides of the aisle for good reasons. It extends Medicare Advantage coverage to All (MAA) eligible persons over the age of 65 without any pre-existing condition exclusions and in most cases without the need to pay any premiums out of pocket. It is a proper insurance plan in the traditional sense, in that the insurance carriers take the risk. MAA eliminates the need for market stabilization funds and the 3R Risk abatement programs and the CSR payments. MAA eliminates the need for special federal and state funding to support the marketplace exchanges. It uses capitation financing, which is the very basis of the Republicans previously proposed Medicaid reforms which were designed to cap Medicaid expenditures. Most importantly, the financing can be structured to make the program affordable to at least 80% of the uninsured population (some citizens will never want or need such a program) and all the ACA participants without additional federal expenditures. When we extend MAA to everyone, one thing is for sure, MAA will cost a lot less than ACA. In 2015, if we had just purchased for all the ACA participants high-quality health insurance and paid all the premiums, we would have saved well over 60 Billion Dollars.  MA benefit plans currently cost about as much as just the ACA premiums and tax subsidies, so no matter what, we would not be spending any more money on an MAA option for under age 65 participants. In addition, we would eliminate the need for selective taxes by establishing a more equitable funding base. See our webpage entitled “Save 60 Billion Dollars” solution, for more details.

The United States has made great strides toward the goal of making affordable health insurance available to everybody, but our current Congressional efforts are detracting from this progress. ACA did not do the job. It did not attract the majority of the uninsured. It turned into a small give-away program for a lot of people with serious health risks.  We need to help these Americans, but we need to do a better job of it. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed that all the House and Senate Republican ACA Repeal bills did NOT do the job either. Medicare Part C, which has been successful for twenty years WILL DO what both political Parties are striving to achieve. It is a PROGRAM THAT WORKS! We must lift the yoke of ACA slavery on the government tax rolls and liberate most of those people that want and need quality health insurance but are not able to afford it.

We must do so by forcing our Congress to put aside their partisan politics and take care of the health and well-being of “We the People” (to whom they represent) if the U.S. is going to be a successful beacon of freedom and democracy around the World. We the People do not have to accept the defeat of socialized medicine. Whether or not the Democrats and the Republicans ever get it right, as explained herein, Medicare Part C is the “BEST ANSWER TO THE REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMCARE.” The members of the 115th Congress in  both political Parties should read this website, my White Paper and the more detailed “The Best Bi-Partisan Answer to Repeal and Replace Obamacare” which was sent to all of them and hand-delivered to many in 2017. They should take stock in the idea that “Medicare Advantage for All” Will Win Elections for all True Americans (reminiscent of Cassius Marcellus Clay’s “The True American” and his efforts to stop the civil war). All the documents on this Home Page explain our logic for extending our beautiful and successful Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage plans to ALL. Here, on this website, you will eventually be able to download critiques of alternative reform plans and read our defenses in “The True American”. However, this Executive Summary pretty much says it all. Having read it, you are a True American. PLEASE MAKE THE “MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN FOR ALL” - THE SOLUTION THAT WILL WORKS! The time for “All” us True Americans to Act has come Today!